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Family Dentistry

Mother-Daughter Family Dentistry Practice in Fremont


With different dental needs for different family members, it is important to find a practice that can address everyone’s unique health situations. As the only mother-daughter family dentistry practice in Fremont, Dr. Maninder Nijjar & Dr. Ruchi Sahota know the importance of finding great treatment for all members of your family. Our dental practice can help both children and adults develop and protect the health of their smiles in Fremont, Union City, and Neward Bay.

Meeting Your Child’s Dental Needs

We know the importance of learning good dental hygiene at an early age. Our family dental procedures are designed with the educational needs of children in mind. We see patients as young as 6 months and recommend that parents bring children as soon as the first tooth emerges. Parents are encouraged to assist during these exams by having their children sit on their lap, as well as by asking questions about the right way to promote their child’s oral health. To help get children become more comfortable with dental treatments, our Fremont dentists show our inquisitive patients how different tools work, explaining why we do different procedures as well as what happens during those procedures. Dr. Nijjar and Dr. Sahota also educate each child on the correct way to brush and floss, demonstrating to children how easy and fun good dental habits can be.

To see Dr. Ruchi Sahota talk about how to prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, watch here:

Helping Adults Develop Healthy Smiles

Adults, on the other hand, often need help fighting off an oral infection that could have resulted from poor oral hygiene earlier in life. Two of the procedures Drs. Nijjar and Sahota include laser periodontal therapy and root canals, which can reverse some of the effects of poor childhood oral hygiene.

Root canal therapy involves tunneling into a tooth to remove and replace an infected pulp, the bundle of nerves and blood vessels within the tooth. Once the disease material is removed, the empty space in the tooth is then filled with a sealing agent to preserve the natural tooth, and the tooth is topped with a crown to reinforce its strength. Laser periodontal therapy, meanwhile, helps eliminate instances of gum disease and encourages healthy gum regeneration post-treatment.

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If you are looking for experience, expertise, and excellence to treat your family’s dental needs, look no further than Drs. Nijjar and Sahota. Having served Fremont, Union City, and Neward Bay since 1984, our multilingual practice offers dentistry for all members of your family. Call us today!


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