Dental Implants

Dental Implant in Fremont

Though there exist numerous methods to replace missing teeth, nothing can compete with the dental implants. It is one of the best tooth restoration treatment modern dentistry has provided us with. With its long-lasting result, dental implants always stand a class apart. The main advantage of dental implants are, it helps to protect the jawbone and prevents it from further deterioration. Implant dentistry is indeed a boon to those suffering from the impact of missing teeth. We have experienced specialists who practice implant dentistry and have been successful in creating healthy smiles with dental implants in Fremont.

A dental implant comprises of a screw-shaped titanium post that gets placed like a root of the missing tooth. Placing a tooth implant will require a surgical procedure where local anesthesia will be administered to the patient to stay pain-free. Once the healing period is crossed, a custom-made permanent crown will be placed on the top of the implant. A tooth implant matches the appearance of your natural teeth so that you onlookers don’t identify them to be dental implants. If you are looking for dental implants in Fremont, our dental implant dentist can help you replace your missing teeth.

How do Implants work?

Our implant dentist will have to perform a minor surgery to place the implants right into your jawbone. The implant will be left to heal for a certain period of months before the permanent crown is fixed. The implant tends to fuse with the jawbone during this healing period.

A Dental implant can be of use in various ways:

Replace on tooth: A single implant is all that is required if you are missing a single tooth. A single implant will be inserted into the jawbone; a permanent crown will be placed upon the implant to simulate your natural teeth. Dental implants have a high success rate as the investment made gives long-lasting results. Also, it is a cost-effective solution as the replacement tooth will not get impacted by tooth decay so you don’t have to spend on that tooth anymore.

Replace multiple teeth: With dental implants, you can expect an ideal replacement mechanism if you have more than one tooth missing. And the best part is, you don’t need implants for every missing tooth. Implant teeth can serve as a support for fixed bridgework. Let’s say, you have three missing teeth; tow implants can be inserted on either side of the gap and the crown in between does not need an implant.

Replace an entire arch of teeth: All on four dental implants are famously known to replace the entire arch of teeth with just four implants. It goes up to six implants if the bone density is not sufficient. With dental implants, you are free and need not be conscious about slipping.

Implant care and maintenance

There can be majorly two reasons if the dental implants detach: Poor oral hygiene and Excessive bite force. Lack of proper oral hygiene can lead to destructive bacterial infection. Regular professional cleaning helps you to stay away from such infections. Also, habits like teeth clenching and grinding can lead to excessive bite force. Usage of night guard can help you save your teeth from excessive bite force. Our Fremont dental implants are affordable and effective, therefore helps you get that attractive smile.


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