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Teeth whitening - Fremont, CA

Nothing can compete for the appearance of a smile that portrays white bright pearly whites. It looks beautiful and feels healthy. Most people face tooth discoloration and it is quite inevitable at some point of life. Consumption of beverages like soda, coffee or smoking habit can lead to stains your teeth. Luckily, modern dentistry has professional teeth whitening a solution to this! There are modern teeth whitening techniques that can make your teeth look white and bright. Teeth whitening is a popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry that can drastically improve a patient’s smile. Professional teeth whitening procedure does not require any invasive treatment.  It is obvious that everyone would like to have a stunning and sparkling smile. And this can be accomplished by getting whiter teeth. Teeth whitening helps in enhancing one’s personality and boosts the self-confidence as well.

If you are looking for Teeth whitening in Fremont, CA, you can consult our teeth whitening dentist who can give you a bright and beautiful smile. At Fremont, teeth whitening are done in our dental office where you can experience a pleasant and relaxing environment.

Why is teeth whitening required?

As time passes by, the natural white color of the teeth becomes pale or dark. This can either be due to aging or the side effects of consuming food that causes discoloration. Also, there are genetic factors that can influence the color of the teeth. Intake of certain medicines can also cause teeth discoloration. Amidst these situations, teeth whitening can be an effective solution. It can bring back the natural color of the teeth to an extent, giving you a beautiful smile. It also helps in improving your overall personality.

Types of Teeth Whitening

There are several procedures available for teeth whitening in Fremont, CA. To start with, people use teeth whitening toothpaste available in the stores. While they can brighten your teeth but typically not whiten them. If you visit a dentist, he may recommend with the following options:

At-home teeth whitening:

This procedure facilitates the patients to perform teeth whitening at the comfort of his or her home. The patients will be provided with bleaching trays that will be custom built for their teeth. These trays will be filled with a whitening agent that has to be worn at night. The duration for wearing these trays will be advised by the dentist. Though At-home procedures take a long time, it is successful in whitening your teeth.

In-office teeth whitening:

This procedure involves a combination of plasma light technology and whitening agents. The intense concentration of the whitening agents when induced by the high-intensity dental light results in a great whitening effect. You can walk off with white and bright teeth in just an hour. This procedure is performed by an experienced dentist and the results are quite excellent.

For Fremont tooth whitening, kindly do visit our dental office. We have experienced dentists who can handle your dental concerns and give you a bright and healthy smile.


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