Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry

Mother-Daughter Family Dentistry Practice in Fremont


Dental needs may differ for each member of the family. Likewise, treatments vary depending on the age of the patient. So it becomes a necessity to find a dental care that addresses the varied needs of your family members. As the only mother-daughter family dentistry in Fremont, Dr. Maninder Nijjar& Dr. Ruchi Sahota are keen to provide you and your family members with high-quality dental care. Be it, children or adults, our family dentistry in Fremont provides both with the dental care in Fremont, Union City, and Newark Bay, that would give them a healthy smile. Our family dental service has a team of staffs who are dedicated to providing excellent patient care and service.

Meeting Your Child’s Dental Needs – Family Dentist Fremont

It is important to learn dental hygiene practice at an early age. Our family dentist in Fremont has kept this in mind and designed our procedures in a way to educate both children and parents about the significance of dental health. Our family dental care recommends parents to bring their children as soon as their first tooth emerges. We see children as young as 6 months so that we give them a strong foundation for their dental care. Our family dental care encourages parents to assist their children during the treatment. They are free to ask us questions about the child’s dental care.  We make children feel comfortable during their treatment, by explaining to them how different tools work towards their dental treatment and also educate them about the significance of oral health. Our family dentist in Fremont will explain to the parents about the treatment option available for their children so that the parents understand well ahead of any treatment being initiated. In our family dental service, Dr. Nijjar and Dr. Sahota also educate children about the right way to brush or floss and also demonstrate to them how fun and easy dental habits can be.

To see Dr. Ruchi Sahota talk about how to prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, watch here:

Helping Adults with Healthy Smiles

On the other hand, adults often need help treating their oral infection, which would have resulted due to poor dental care earlier in life. Drs. Nijjar and Dr. Sahota suggest two procedures – Root canals and Laser Periodontal therapy which can reverse the effects of poor oral hygiene.

Root canal therapy involves removal of the infected pulp by tunneling into the infected tooth. Once the diseased part of the tooth is removed, a sealing agent is used to fill the empty space of the tooth and in order to preserve the natural tooth, a crown will be placed on the top of the tooth. Meanwhile, Laser periodontal therapy includes eliminating the traces of gum disease and helps healthy regeneration of the gums post-treatment.

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If you are looking for experience, excellence, and expertise to take care of the dental needs of your family, meet our dentists of family dentistry, Dr. Nijjar, and Sahota. Our Family dentistry involves a wide range of dental treatments and procedures that can cater to the well-being of your entire family.


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