Meet the Doctors

Meet our Fremont Dentists, Dr.'s Maninder K. Nijjar, DDS & Ruchi Sahota, DDS

Dr. Maninder Nijjar and Dr. Ruchi Nijjar

  "It is a joy to work together. And when patients visit our office, they feel that joy. We're very proud of that." 

Dr. Maninder Nijjar and Dr. Ruchi Sahota are proud to be the only
mother-daughter dental team in Fremont
and consistently welcoming new patients into their office every day.

It is their passion for dentistry and dedication to the dental health of their patients that makes them different. 


Maninder Nijjar, DDS


Maninder K. Nijjar, DDS
Dr. Maninder Nijjar has served her patients for over 30 years. She started her dental office from scratch in 1985. Word of Dr. Nijjar and her keen diagnostic skills traveled fast. Her patient base grew quickly.

Before moving to Fremont, Dr. Nijjar grew up in India. She graduated from the College of Indore Dental School in 1977. In the early 80s, Dr. Nijjar completed international dental education credentials from UCLA and Loma Linda University. After completing her board certifications, she moved to Fremont in 1984.

On a personal note, her children, Ruchi and Bobby, were raised in Fremont. Dr. Nijjar became very involved with the community --soccer games, volleyball games, tennis matches, bhangra (dance) competitions, Fremont Gurdwara, and of course each of her childrens' schools. She shares her experiences with her patients. Dr. Nijjar loves telling stories about her weekends, about her family, and every day life: "We are all family in our office. There is so much we all have in common. Our stories are what bond us together."

Most importantly, Dr. Nijjar prides herself in having a patient-centered office. Her dedication to ensuring the patient is involved in each part of their dental treatment shows. "We have two main principles in our office. One, the overall and dental health of the patient comes first. And two, we want to take the time and care with each patient so that he or she understands the status of his or her dental health." She continually integrates new segments of technology into the practice. She also takes great pride in taking a great amount of continuing education courses every year.

Dr. Nijjar blends the excellence of high quality dental care --with the patience and attention of comfortable, communicated-centered patient care. She is great asset to the Fremont healthcare community.


Ruchi Nijjar, DDS

Ruchi (Deepinder) Sahota, DDS

Dr. Ruchi Sahota joined the team in 2005 after completing a general practice residency at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Palo Alto, where she also served as a staff Attending dentist. She continues to teach at the University of Pacific School of Dentistry.Dr. Sahota serves as the only general dentist on staff at Washington Hospital in Fremont. 

Dentistry is not just a her day job --it is also her passion.
Dr. Sahota has served on numerous Councils and Committees at the American Dental Association (ADA)and California Dental Association (CDA). She continues to represent California at the ADA's House of Delegates.
Dr. Sahota is proud to have a voice to advocate for our nation's oral health policy issues.
She is especially enthusiastic about her role as Associate Editor of CDA and as a media spokesperson/consumer advisor for the ADA. Dr. Sahota also served at the local level, as President of the Southern Alameda County Dental Society for two terms.                                                      

On a personal note, Dr. Sahota enjoys living in Fremont with her husband Avneet.
They enjoy cooking, watching movies, exercising, and reading. She follows in her mother's footsteps by staying involved in the community. Dr. Sahota has served as Chair of the Fremont Library Advisory Commission, regularly visits preschool and elementary schools teaching children the benefits of brushing and flossing, and has served as a Volunteer Dentist for the Tri-City Health Clinic Screening Program.

Patients who are nervous and anxious about going to the dentist are especially happy with Dr. Sahota: "We like to take things slow, explain everything in detail, and make sure our patients are truly comfortable in our office.
We want to give our patients their dental home."


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