Periodontal Disease

Gum Disease Treatment Through Soft Tissue Lasers

In America, gum disease is a leading cause for tooth loss in adults and many people don’t even know they have it. Gum disease is characterized by sore, puffy or bleeding gums, but at it’s early stages, it can go unnoticed. Our Fremont dental team has lots of experience helping patients with infected gums. Maninder K. Nijjar, DDS and her daughter Ruchi Sahota, DDS encourage all of their patients to have their gums treated before they become problematic. Our Fremont dentists offer the latest in gum disease treatment with minimally invasive soft tissue dental lasers. Gum-Disease-Treatment-in-Fremont-CA-Laser-Dentistry-94538

Unhealthy Gum Tissue? Laser Treatment Can Help.

Soft tissue laser treatment for unhealthy gum tissue is a modern alternative to treatment that was traditionally performed with a scalpel and sutures. Instead, soft tissue lasers can perform treatment such as debridement (the removal of diseased soft tissue of the gums), soft tissue crown lengthening, or frenectomy.

During the procedure a gentle laser is used to treat the affected gum tissue, removing the damaged or diseased tissue. Unlike traditional methods, soft tissue laser treatment targets and eliminates only the diseased tissue, meaning the minimum amount of tissue is removed. Additionally, it disinfects any pockets of bacteria and seals nerve endings and blood vessels along the way, so there is no bleeding, swelling, or infection after the treatment.

There are many benefits to using soft tissue laser treatment on the gums. One very important reason is that most patients say that they experienced no pain after the procedure. There are also significantly fewer risks and side effects to worry about than with traditional surgery on the gums. As a result, our patients tend to feel much better and have speedy recoveries.

If you think you might have gum disease, don’t wait—waiting only makes treatment more complicated. And with minimally invasive soft tissue laser treatment, there is nothing to be anxious about.

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Serving the Fremont, Union City, and Newark Bay areas, our Fremont dentists Dr. Nijjar and Dr. Sahota provide successful gum disease treatment. To learn more about our periodontal services or to set up an appointment, contact us today.


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