View Dental Testimonals for Fremont Dentists - Dr. Maninder K. Nijjar & Dr. Ruchi Sahota

I am completely satisfied with my visit. The office is clean, friendly staff, easy to get an appointment and works with your schedule. Dr Nijjar and Dr Ruchi Sohita are very nice and they handle the problem very nicely. I will definitely recommend this dentist office to everyone.

Rajwinder B.

I had gone through a root canal this weak at Dr. Nijjar and Ruchi's clinic. Initially I was scared of going through any dental treatment. However this 2 hour root canal process went so smooth, painless and irritation free. Each stage of treatment was explained to me clearly. I am thankful to Dr. Nizzar to make it so easy for me.

Anju V.

Very professional and would suggest what is actually needed rather than unlike some places where treatment is based upon the insurance.

Govindaraju G.

Drs. Nijjar and Ruchi Sahota provide a great service. They have been my family dentists for over 20 years and they have done a great job. They meet you with smile, treat everyone like family and everyone at their office is very friendly. I would highly recomend them to everyone.

Mohinder G. Union City - May 2014

"Dr. Sahota took the time to explain procedure in detail and did an excellent job. "

jagjiwang, Milpitas, CA - April 2014

Great, excellent service and friendly staff.

ligayac, Fremont, CA

My first experience was excellent! Office is clean and well kept. Front desk is very friendly and personal. Highly recommended.

rachelr, Union City, CA March 2014

Easily get appointments, good and has patience with our kid.

Anonymous - February 2014

Thank you Dr. Nijjar and Dr. Sahota. You both make a visit to the dentist a breeze :)

Amrit M - February 2014

Appointment on time. Took care of my tooth as I arrived. Area very clean and organized. Staff are very friendly.

Brij D - February 2014

My experience was excellent, friendly staff, they always squeeze me in on their schedule the days i need. As I had moved away from the area so i found another dentist but afyer the service there i came back to Drs Nijjar & Ruchi. I got the appointment the same day I called. Even though they were busy they still got me and my wife in.

Thanks Dr. Nijjar and Ruchi

Mohammed K - January 2014

New to the US was really trying hard to find a good dentist/dental clinic and I got all my answers at this clinic. Dr. MK Nijjar and Dr. Ruchi are very professional, patient and good. The clinic is clean well- equipped and the staff is very friendly. They all seem like one big family. Take excellent care of all your anxieties - be it for the treatment or for money/insurance.

Both Dr. Nijjar and Dr. Ruchi Sahota are very pleasant and friendly. Extremely sensitive to your needs.

I know that till I am in US, I will not visit any other dental clinic but this one. Good for the whole family.

Glad that I made this choice. I would recommend this dental clinic to anyone.

Radhika C - November 2014

Great Experience as always! My son is not at all scared to visit the dentist! In fact, losing his baby teeth has been an exciting journey for him ... and the entire credit goes to his wonderful dentist Dr. Ruchi Sahota!!

Armaan S - October 2013

I am fully satisfied with treatment I received all times. It is so nice to see work done well. All staff is also courteous and supportive. I guess, they all have improved pretty much to expectation of their customers.

Rajwant S - October 2014


Frank S - September 2013

Great service. Dr. Ruchi took the time to explain what the major issues were and how to address them in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Anonymous - September 2013

Both Dr. M.K. Nijjar and Dr. Ruchi Sahota took time to explain my current dental health, their diagnosis and treatment plan very clearly. Excellent dental and patient care!

Sandeep D - August 2013

Amazing as always! Dr. Ruchi and Dr. Nijjar give such personalized care to each of their patients. Not only does Dr. Ruchi remember medical and dental details about all of her patients, and give great feedback based on your dental issues and needs, she also remembers personal details and really seems to care about each and every one of her patients. I look forward to each visit, no matter how painful the procedure is planned to be, because Dr. Ruchi and Dr. Nijjar are so wonderful!

Shana N - June 2013

They are awesome ladies, I felt very comfortable while having my RCT...
Thank you

Deepti V - June 2013

I have been a patient of Dr. Nijjar since my birth and I would recommend to any one who is looking for a professional, courteous, personal and caring service

Anonymous - May 2013

Dr. MK Nijjar is always pleasent, listens, patient, mindful and has the patient's comfort in mind. She explains the procedures and next steps well.

Theiva N - May 2013

The staff is very professional-the office is kid friendly. And Dr. Ruchi is one of a kind! Dr. Ruchi is the most awesome dentist you could ever have!!! She is very patient, kind and understanding. Before any kind of procedure, she thoroughly explains everything. During cleanings, she works with you. If for any reason (because I'm such a baby-sorry Dr. Ruchi) she waits until you're ready. She goes above and beyond for any dentist I've ever had. I would 100% recommend her to anyone who's looking for a dentist. She is the best and is exceptionally excellent at what she does. It is truly an honor to have Dr. Ruchi as my dentist.

Jasvinder S - May 2013

Dr. Nijjar is the one of most remarkable individuals i know.She is a great person and an awesome dentist.I've never been one for going to the dentist and always resisted that is until i found Dr. Nijjar.

AS i was always scared of dentists so never visited one and ended up with having a very bad cavity and abcess tooth so i decided to find some dentist and WELL I DON'T HAVE ANY INSURANCE so called few offices and then found Dr Nijjar and decided to see her. .But as my tooth was really infected and swelling was not going down i called her again and went to see her (THANKS TO DR SHE STAYED LATE FOR ME).they immidately took care of me and she gave me the whole treatment plan and explained all my questions and i decided to go for root canal.Now as my root canal is done i am relly happy with all my experience and i would have never said i look forward to dental care but i do look forward to treatment i recieved at Dr. Nijjar's office.

AND at last their prices are really reasonable and she is excellent at what she does and highly recommended. Dr Sahota is also really smart, informative, kind and up to date with all the technology.Overall you can say that THESE ARE THE DENTISTS WE CAN TRUST AND TRULY CARES ABOUT OUR WELL BEING.

Ramneet K. - 2013

I recently had a root canal done with Dr. Nijjar and Sahota. It was almost completely pain free and the tooth crown looks and feels amazing. I've been seeing this dentistry for about two years and I highly recommend them. In my 30 years of seeing dentists I've never had anyone who is as patient and takes the time to explain what what was going on in my mouth and present me with a full choice of options. Dr. Nijjar, Dr. Sahota, and their staff are awesome! Why wife is now seeing them as well. They are also wonderful with children.

Henry O - 2013

Very attentive and caring. Staff is friendly and helpful. I would recommend them anytime.

Meira N - 2013

For someone who has always tried to avoid dentists growing up, this is hands down the best experience I have had. Very comfortable and friendly environment. They are so good that even when my family moves to Sacramento we will still take the 2 hr plus drive to stay with them.

Ericson R - 2013

"Very friendly and professional. Explained everything and made very reasonable recommendations.Dr Sahota made sure I felt very comfortable and I felt I could trust her to work with me on my dental care. The office staff were very helpful and the office itself was very pleasant."

Anonymous - June 2014

Excellent service. I just had a check up. I am pain and sensitivity free. I had moved so I went to another dentist and I had been living with pain and sensitivity for last two years after spending so much money for their service. I am so glad I switched back and now I do not mind the drive over time. They took me back and fixed my problem in three visits. I will recommend her to everyone I know.

Mohammed K. - July2014

Great experience, very professional and very warm & friendly

Navneet B - August 2014